September 29, 2014

EVENTS: New York Int'l Children's Film Festival

New York Int'l Children's Film Festival

February 27 - March 22, 2015

Final Deadline for Shorts Oct 6, 2014 - Final Deadline for Feature Films Nov 10, 2014

New York Int'l Children's Film Festival is North America's film festival for children and teens. Each year the Festival presents 100 animated, live action and experimental shorts and features from around the world plus retrospectives, filmmaker Q&As, workshops, audience voting, and an annual Awards Ceremony.

We are looking for creative, original, non-formulaic short and feature films that support our mission to create a more dynamic film culture for children and teens. We often program films that were not created with a young audience in mind, but are received passionately and enthusiastically by attendees ages 3-18 nonetheless. We are not shy about showing films with mature themes, subject matter, language or sensibilities.

Members of the Festival jury include Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Bill Plympton, Christine Vachon, James Schamus, Henry Selick and Gus van Sant, among others. The Festival is an Academy®-qualifying festival. SUBMIT

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September 24, 2014

NEWS: Norway local press group takes top World Young Reader Prize

Paris, France and Frankfurt, Germany, 22 September 2014
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Norway local press group takes top World Young Reader Prize

The Norwegian local media group Amedia has been named World Young Reader News Publisher of the Year for putting young people in the heart of its overall readership strategy.

The top distinction in the World Young Readers Prizes, the annual awards from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), recognized the local press group’s commitment to youth as a long-term, must-do priority.

 “This is one of the best long-term young readers programmes ever: led by extensive research, thought out and strategic, guided by a 'need to have' philosophy about young readers,” the jury said in making the award.

The World Young Reader Prizes are part of WAN-IFRA’s efforts to recognise, encourage and disseminate innovative ideas and thinking to help build stronger and vital news media. World Young Reader Prize winning strategies are celebrated and shared as they benefit not only the media companies and their young audiences but also society as a whole.

The awards will be presented at the WAN-IFRA World Young Reader Summit and Ideathon from 24 to 26 November in Bali, Indonesia, a free event with admission open to all news publishers, with priority to WAN-IFRA members and past prize winners.  More about the summit can be found at

In all, news publishing companies from 13 countries were honoured with World Young Reader Prizes, including these top winners:


Amedia group (Norway) - Amedia’s multifaceted actions include an ongoing study of the same 3,500 young people since 2008, a daily youth enhancement tip for all the group’s editors, along with a bi-annual compilation of global best, workshops and resources for using the news in education, and an annual Young Reader Conference for the group’s newspapers. And they share some of this with their competitors.


Mindener Tageblatt (Germany) for Azubify - a multiplatform set of tools to help companies and youth connect for apprenticeships. This award special category was supported by Chevron and honors a win-win partnership with a financial supporter that helps sustain excellence in news publisher engagement and service of youth.


Volksblad (South Africa) for SkoolBLUES, interactive comic strip for teenagers.


VietnamPlus for “Rapping the News”. This special category award is supported by CCI and honors the news publisher that most creatively engages the young through mobile telephones, tablets and other digital devices.


The Star (Malaysia) for the R.AGE news and social media youth initiative that reinvented itself with an array of face-to-face initiatives.

Singapore Press Holdings (Singapore) for The Straits Times Schools Programme – a decade-old multifaceted youth engagement approach that continues to innovate.

Gazeta do Povo (Brazil) for the "Read and Think" news in education programme that continues to offer methods and solid, useful research


The Mathrubhurni Daily (India) for a "Free The Tree" campaign by youth to stop advertisements being attached to trees. This special category was supported by GreenTEC Campus of Germany and honours projects that give the young guidance and hope for improving the environment.


Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag (Germany) for a Tablet Class program that offers equipment and training to raise awareness among students of news on tablet devices.


Jakarta Post (Indonesia) for “Youth Speak Fun Day”, a language festival of competitions, news simulations, games and entertainment to help strengthen the English skills of 15- to 17-year-olds. It is supported by Capital of Children of Denmark and honors initiatives with inventive activities that teach about the news by getting them involved in the news process


The Guardian (UK) for a highly interactive children's book website where children read, write and publish reviews, connect with other young readers and have face-to-face interview authors.

Details about the other winners can be found at http:/

Learn more about WAN-IFRA’s news literacy and youth engagement work at

WAN-IFRA, based in Paris, France, and Frankfurt, Germany, with subsidiaries in Singapore and India, is the global organisation of the world’s newspapers and news publishers. It represents more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and over 3,000 companies in more than 120 countries. Its core mission is to defend and promote press freedom, quality journalism and editorial integrity and the development of prosperous businesses.

Inquiries to: Dr. Aralynn McMane, executive director for youth engagement and news literacy, WAN-IFRA, 96 bis, rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris France. Tel: +33 1 47 42 85 00. Fax: +33 1 42 78 92 33. E-mail: worldyoungreaderprize@wan-ifra

September 23, 2014

OneMinutesJr workshop in Armenia

DILIJAN, Armenia, 22 September 2014 - Twenty-two young people from Dilijan have come to the tumo center for creative technologies in the Armenian spa town Dilijan this week to participate in a OneMinutesJr workshop.

The 12 boys and 10 girls who will develop, films and edit their first movies this week are a truly inclusive crowd. We have participants with cerebral palsy, Duchenne syndrome, autism, clubfoot, mild intellectual disabilities and psychological development delays alongside other children from Dilijan without disabilites. From the very beginning it is clear to everybody that all children here have the same rights and that nobody will be left out in the process.

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September 22, 2014

Express in One Minute

Today, the OneMinutesJr foundation weeklong workshop with UNICEF Young People's Media CoordinatorChris Schuepp kicked off at Tumo Dilijan. The OneMinutesJr foundation encourages expression, motivating young people around the world to speak their minds and voice their opinions about their communities.


The theme of the workshop is social inclusion and children's rights. Ten participants from Tumo Dilijan and ten young people with special needs from Bridge of Hope NGO will be trained to advocate for their rights through multimedia and produce one minute videos to make their voices heard by a diverse international audience. They are taught how to produce videos through informal learning, encouraging innovation and creativity. The participants' skills in video making are improved as they are limited to expressing themselves by making their views clear and leaving a strong impression in just one minute.


In addition to producing videos, participants will engage in networking, debates and discussions around the theme of social inclusion and how to bridge the gap between the media, arts and young people.


September 17, 2014

OPPORTUNITIES: German companies offer internships for journalists

Young journalists with good knowledge of English or German from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia can apply.

The Internship Program of German Business is offering graduates and students a three- to six-month-long internship at leading German companies.

The interns will receive an allowance financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Participating German companies cover the cost of accommodation and health insurance.

Students or graduates with initial work experience from the following fields can apply: media/ journalism, agriculture, energy, electronics, financial services, insurance, banking, trade, business consulting/auditing, industrial services, engineering, transport and logistics, environmental technology/ biotechnology, chemical industry, steel and metal processing, and IT/ telecommunications.

Applicants must send a letter of motivation (one to two pages maximum), a CV, a portrait photo and a scanned transcript of records.

The deadline is Oct. 31.

For more information, click here.

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September 16, 2014

NEWS: Gambia: MOICI Orients Journalists On CRC

The Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure (MOICI), through the Department of Information Services, in collaboration with UNICEF last Wednesday oriented journalists from various media houses on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

The daylong training was meant to build their capacities in reporting on children issues and showcasing of images of children at risk.

Convention on the Rights of the Child affirmed that children because of their vulnerability, need special care and protection as it places special emphasis on primary care and protective responsibility of the family, with the need for legal protection of the child before and after birth.

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September 15, 2014

ARTICLES / NEWS: UNICEF urges children to work with media

From PANIC CHILUFYA in Windhoek

CHILDREN in southern Africa have been challenged to have their voices heard by partnering with the media in highlighting their vulnerability and improving their status in the region.
The Convention on the Rights of Children which started 25 years ago in 1989 charts the progress of children from infancy to childhood to adulthood and along the way there are so many challenges that can only be resolved when media, civil society, governments and all stakeholders address them collectively.

Unicef Namibia Chief of Health, Myo-Zin Nyunt was speaking when he presented the State of the World’s Children Overview of key issues affecting children in southern Africa during a two-day regional meeting of ‘Children and Media’ partners summit here on Friday.

The summit was hosted by MISA regional secretariat and supported by the Save the Children International.

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September 11, 2014

EVENTS: Day of General Discussion: "Digital media and children’s rights" 12 September 2014

Day of General Discussion: "Digital media and children's rights" 12 September 2014 - 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Room XVII, Palais des Nations

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most widely ratified international human rights instrument, with 194 States Parties.

The Committee on the Rights of the Child, the body of independent experts responsible for reviewing progress made by States parties in implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child, during its 65th session (13 – 31 January 2014) decided to devote its 2014 Day of General Discussion (DGD) to "Digital media and children's rights". The discussion will take place on Friday 12 September 2014 during the 67th session of the Committee in Geneva.

The purpose of the Days of General Discussion is to foster a deeper understanding of the contents and implications of the Convention as they relate to specific articles or topics. Representatives of Governments, non-governmental organizations, United Nations human rights mechanisms, United Nations bodies and specialized agencies, national human rights institutions as well as individual experts and children are welcome to take part. The Committee also encourages the submission of written contributions, to be sent by 10 August 2014, please click on this link for more information.

Overall objective of the 2014 DGD

To better understand the effects of children's engagement with social media as well as information and communications technologies (ICT), in order to understand the impact on and role of children's rights in this area, and develop rights-based strategies to maximize the online opportunities for children while protecting them from risks and possible harm.

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September 1, 2014

OPPORTUNITIES / CALL FOR ACTION: Youth Manifesto initiative

Take a look at the Youth Manifesto initiative -

Youth from across Europe have been sharing their ideas - and resources - online on what they would like to see from the internet of the future.

Children and students are asked to be active and participate - there's a chance you could even win a trip to Brussels to present your ideas to European policy makers!

There are two ways to get involved with the Youth Manifesto initiative:
  • The first is to contribute with your ideas on what would make a better internet to help to create the Youth Manifesto. You can also vote on the proposals of others;
  • The second is to create and share a resource or several resources expressing your ideas for a better internet in the resource competition. Six winners will be selected to travel to Brussels to present their ideas to European decision makers.

August 31, 2014

NEWS: Children’s Media Summit issues draft declaration

Organisers of the forthcoming World Summit on Media for Children in Malaysia have drawn up a draft for a Declaration on Empowering Children in 21st Century, which they hope delegates will discuss and acclaim by the end of proceedings on 10 September.

The document is still in its draft form and there will be many opportunities during the Summit to discuss and perhaps amend it to best reflect the expertise of delegates and their commitment to carrying the work of the three-day Summit beyond the event itself into the future. 

The Declaration attempts to both state certain overarching principles to guide media for children into 21st Century and also to suggest practical ways in which these aspirations can be put into action.

The 7th WSMC with the theme Media for 21st Century Children will take place in Kuala Lumpur from 8-10 September 2014.

Organised by the ABU and the WSMC Foundation and hosted by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), organisers expect more than 1,000 producers, broadcasters, media regulators, educators and community leaders committed to the improvement of quality media for children.

The summit will provide unique opportunities for networking, debates and workshops on content for program creators, educators, policy makers, digital media innovators and people working in the field of childhood development. It will celebrate children's creativity and development through media and will focus on quality content and the role and meaning of education in a globalised modern media environment.

It will also be a chance for media professionals to see how children see the media, use technologies and envisage their future.

More information and registration details can be obtained here.