February 10, 2015

World Radio Day 2015

World Radio Day will be celebrated on February 13, 2015. It's a global celebration of radio as a medium, and as this year's theme is "Youth and Radio", it's a great opportunity to plan a youth-focused event or activity. Here are some ideas to get you started, both on the day and in the months leading up to it.

Talking points:

Instead of dictating the discussion, we believe it's crucial to ask young people about the issues that are important to them, but here are some ideas for topics related to youth and radio that you might want to discuss:

  • The future of radio and the challenges and opportunities brought about by new technologies, especially given the early adoption of these by young people
  • How to improve participation of young people in the radio sector
  • Radio for youth: Youth-focused programmes
  • Radio with youth: Programmes involving young people in the production team
  • Radio by youth: Programmes produced by youth, for youth
  • The elimination of stereotypes and prejudice in the portrayal of young people in the media
  • Improving the security of young journalists, especially freelancers and fixers in conflict and disaster zones
  • The impact of young people on community radio (education, acculturation, coverage of conflicts not being covered by the wider media, emergency and humanitarian crises, etc)
  • The link between the accessibility of information through radio amongst young people and the sustainable development of communities

See more at worldradioday.org

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The UNAOC-EF Summer School: Youth for positive social change

The conviction that young people are drivers of positive social change is the basis for the UNAOC-EF Summer School. This weeklong summer school brings together 75 individuals aged 18-35 from across the globe, to address pressing global challenges in the context of cultural and religious diversity.

The curriculum delivered as part of the UNAOC – EF Summer School helps to address issues at the core of the United Nations' mandate: peace and security, development, human rights, humanitarian affairs, and international law. More precisely, given the specific mandate of UNAOC to improve cross-cultural understanding and cooperation among countries, peoples and communities and EF's mission of opening the world through education, the focus will be on global challenges linked to intercultural dialogue and understanding. 

The interactive program of workshops, discussions and site visits immerses participants in knowledge and action around cultural and religious diversity: how to better understand it, manage it, promote it and leverage it to shape a world that is healthier, safer, more peaceful and inclusive. Different approaches are applied, including advocacy, narratives, multimedia, negotiation, theater, and social entrepreneurship.

Some of the questions we explore during the week

  • How can we build alliances in and across our communities and rally people to our cause?
  • What happens when culture is marginalized? What tools can we develop to address this?
  • How can we reduce identity-based tensions and collaborate across differences?
  • How can one further develop as a leader and agent of social change and sustain this effort?
  • How can we develop and grow strong international networks of committed individuals?
  • How can the United Nations and young people work together to address conflict and build lasting peace?
  • How does New York City leverage its diversity? How do communities organize, promote greater intercultural harmony, and advocate for social justice and equality of opportunities? How does this speak to other contexts?

Application details here - you have to be 18-35 years of age. Deadline for applications is 9 March 2015.

February 8, 2015

CALL FOR ENTRIES: International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus 2015 (22nd – 26th July, 2015)

The International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus team is honored to announce the open call for submissions of short films for the competition program of the festival's 9th edition.

Kratkofil Plus has been a cultural force moving Bosnia and Herzegovina in the direction of the revival of film for the past 9 years and insuring the growth and development of cooperation between local and international artists, productions and industries in general.

The call for submissions for the festival's competition program is open until April 6, 2015 at following online platforms:

For details in rules and regulations, as well as official submission requirements, please visit the following link.

Stay tuned and informed through our website and social networking outlets.

OPPORTUNITIES / PHOTO: #EachDayISee contest on Instagram

No matter where in the world you live, you see and experience things every day that make you think; that upset or inspire you; that you wish were different; or that give you hope. Instead of walking past, ignoring, or pretending there's not an issue, we want you to capture an image and share it to help raise awareness of the issues where you live.

Today the World Bank turns to you—global citizens—to give faces to the seemingly insurmountable issues you experience, like access to clean water, corruption, clean stoves, sanitation, gender inequality, or any number of other real challenges your community faces. We're launching the #EachDayISee contest on Instagram to share photos of the world around us, to help draw attention to the myriad of economic and social issues facing communities all around the world.

How it works, key dates and everything else you need to know can be found here

February 5, 2015

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Science Film Festival 2015

Last year the Science Film Festival reached over 580 000 visitors in Cambodia, Egypt, the Gulf Region, Indonesia, Jordan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Palestine, the Philippines, Sudan, Thailand and Vietnam. It is the most extensive event of its kind and one of the biggest film festivals worldwide in terms of audience reach. 

In 2015, the Science Film Festival takes place internationally betweenOctober 01 and December 20 and invites visitors to discover more about the theme this year: 

LIGHT- Discover the different roles light and its applications play in our everyday lives and what it reveals about the nature of the universe.

Project website

NEWS: Sonia Livingstone: Children’s rights in the digital age

In advance of her 11 February public lecture on the state of children's rights in the digital age, Professor Sonia Livingstone discusses the rights at stake for children worldwide and highlights why we must embed children's rights into the policies and practices concerning "the digital".

Fast-developing information and communications technologies (ICTs) are reshaping children's lives for better and for worse: this is happening already in high-income countries, and expanding rapidly in middle-income countries and increasingly also in low-income countries. More and more children, families, and communities rely on technologies as part of the taken-for-granted infrastructure of everyday life. Almost every aspect of children's lives has an online dimension, whether through their direct engagement with ICT or through the institutional management of contents or services that affect the conditions of children's lives. Indeed, it is becoming hard to draw the line between offline and online.

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February 4, 2015


Ever wondered if Gaming could address real world problems?

At UNESCO MGIEP we recognize the enormous potential of digital Games as a tool for peace education, Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship. UNESCO MGIEP's Gaming initiative aims to position games as innovative tools for transformative learning by engaging with game developers across genres; and encouraging and enabling them to integrate peace and sustainability themes in their games. The initiative will incubate games on serious, real-life issues that strike the right balance between exciting game play and transformative learning.

UNESCO MGIEP Gaming Challenge invites game developers from around the world to push their creative limits to make a thrilling game on a peace and sustainability-related issue, and thus contribute actively to the growing ecosystem of games for change.

Entries for the challenge are now invited up till Midnight, February 15th, 2015.

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OPPORTUNITIES / JOBS: Call for: EYP’s Orange Magazine Project Coordinator

Deadline: 10 February 2015 (extended!)

The European Youth Press and Orange Magazine are looking for a Project Coordinator for Orange Magazine orangemagazine.eu. The Orange Magazine team works on a volunteer basis, but travels for free around Europe and covers major media events. Among our projects this year are the European Youth Media Days in Brussels and the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn. You can be based just anywhere in Europe, but you have to be ready to dedicate 10-15 hours a week to Orange. This is your unique chance to build an international career and get involved more with the European Youth Press, so join the Orange Magazine team!

Follow the link to find out more on THE EYP website.

February 2, 2015

NEWS: Afghanistan/Pakistan: Creating a children's media network

A networking workshop in Dubai brought together media professionals from Pakistan and Afghanistan. DW Akademie has been working with media organizations in both countries to develop innovative programming for children.

The atmosphere on the first day of the workshop was rather reserved. Perhaps that wasn't surprising, since participants came from media organizations from both Pakistan and Afghanistan and the two countries have a long history of mutual distrust. The causes range from border disputes to questions about whether Pakistan has become a safe haven for the Taliban and other radical groups. DW Akademie had spent a year working with these media organizations on the development of new programming for young audiences. The workshop, held in December, gave participants an opportunity to explore ways to cooperate with each another.

Still, it wasn't easy, since the problems between the two countries are widely discussed in their media. But on the first day of the workshop it became clear that, in terms of culture, Afghans and Pakistanis have many things in common.

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January 26, 2015

NEWS / PROJECTS / RADIO: “All the children of Mali”: a radio programme for the protection of migrant children

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