November 23, 2014

RESEARCH: Managing online risks to children – chasing a moving target

The final report of EU Kids Online III, the result of a study on 33 countries, was released at the 2014 Safer Internet Forum in Brussels earlier this month. This interactive report links to all findings, methods and recommendations over the past three years, and includes a YouTube playlist with EU Kids Online researchers presenting their findings in 26 languages. Project director Professor Sonia Livingstone explains the key findings.

During the course of the project, from 2011 till 2014, children's online patterns have changed considerably and they are now using the internet in more places in their daily lives. In particular, new internet-enabled devices, like tablets and phones, are making children's usage more private than ever. But, despite all the efforts in recent years directed towards increased safety, awareness and digital literacy, our research finds that compared with 2010, European 11- to 16-year-olds are now more likely to be exposed to hate messages (from 13% to 20%), pro-anorexia sites (9% to 13%), self-harm sites (7% to 11%) and cyberbullying (7% to 12%).

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November 12, 2014

NEWS / PROJECTS / PHOTO: One year on, children affected by Typhoon Haiyan share images of hope

TACLOBAN, Philippines, 6 November 2014

Sixteen-year-old Jopet Arce, a fourth year high school student from Leyte Colleges, shyly poses for pictures with his Best Photographer sash. Jopet was chosen by his peers as the Best Photographer in the EYE SEE Photography Workshop by Sony held in Tacloban City for children affected by Typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda). 

“I was surprised to be chosen,” he says with a smile. “I never really thought I had any talent in photography before this workshop.  Who knew photography could open my eyes to a lot of things, and make me look at life differently?” 

Jopet talks about realizing how so many children were suffering just like him and his family. He says that while the workshop taught him how to distinguish good photos from poorly taken ones, he also learned the lesson of empathy.

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November 6, 2014

STUDIES: Communicating with Children - TV programmes for children in Serbia

BELGRADE, 5 November 2014 - The findings of the analysis of children's programmes and the perceptions of children and parents, as well as the analysis of the electronic media regulations in selected countries in the region and Europe were presented in a sub-regional roundtable organised by the Journalists’ Association of Serbia and UNICEF in Belgrade. 

UNICEF Serbia Representative, Mr. Michel Saint-Lot, and Serbian State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Mr. Sasa Mirkovic, opened the roundtable which gathered representatives of TV stations and media regulators from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 

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AWARDS: UNICEF’s U-Report wins the World Summit Award among 450 submissions

NEW YORK, 5 November 2014 - ​UNICEF's commitment to innovation was highlighted last week, when it was announced that the UNICEF-supported U-Report - a free SMS-based system that allows young Ugandans to speak out on what's happening in communities across the country – was selected by a global Jury of 60 experts from nearly 50 countries as the winner of a World Summit Award (WSA). The WSA was launched as part of the United Nations Summit on the Information Society in 2003 and is considered the unique global competition for recognizing the best in m-Content and creativity. More than 450 submissions from all UN member states were nominated this year, with only 5 nabbing the top honors in each category.

As crisis and conflict continues unabated throughout all parts of the earth, it has never been more imperative than right now that we utilize the technologies and innovations at our disposal to engage the world in our mission. This latest recognition is proof that the world is indeed taking notice of our efforts. By seeking out innovative solutions to big problems we will continue to inspire, engage and mobilize the global community, effecting positive change for all children.
Speaking with ICON, UNICEF's Director of Innovation, Dr Sharad Sapra, said "A large proportion of the population in the developing countries is very young. Sustainable development needs these young people to be engaged and to take our work forward. We need to move away from a shareholder model of working and a patron-client relationship to a stakeholder model of working. U-Report allows us to do that. This award also validates the Executive Director's vision on the importance of Innovation to address inequities."
The awards ceremony will take place in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 1-3 February 2015. The winner's events will be hosted by the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center (ADSIC) in the name of the government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. These events will provide the unique opportunity for the winners to present their products on a global stage and derive new inspiration from a host of acclaimed key note speakers, and demo-rich workshops. It will also afford participants the opportunity to network with international developers, experts and UN Representatives.
The Awards will be distributed by the high level dignitaries at the WSA-mobile Winner's gala.
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ARTICLES: “The OneMinutesJr made me see light where I could see nothing but darkness"

CHISINAU, 5 November 2014 - Tudor Culeanu was 14 years old and lived and studied at the Străşeni boarding school 30 kilometers northwest of the capital Chisinau when he decided to participate in a OneMinutesJr workshop organized by UNICEF Moldova and the Youth Media Centre back in 2009.

Tudor produced a film about his mother who went to Moscow, the sad feeling of missing her and the almost unbearable desire to see himself, his 8 brothers and sisters and their mother together again. Tudor's mother saw the movie, but she did not return home.

Now Tudor is 19 years old and attends a college in the capital. "When I participated in the OneMinutesJr workshop I was only 14 and the desire to see my mother gave me strength to go on.  The workshop was a real chance for me. It made me see light where I could see nothing but darkness. I really hoped my mother would see the movie and would return home", the young man remembers.

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November 5, 2014

ARTICLES / PROJECTS: Syria: Continuing support for TV children's program

Reporters at the TV show "Yalla Nehna" for Syrian children are receiving support in the form of training and consulting. DW Akademie's workshops for video journalists are funded by Germany's Federal Foreign Office.

Last year DW Akademie and the moderate Dubai-based Syrian opposition channel Orient TV developed the concept for a new children's magazine-style program called "Yalla Nehna" ("Let's get going"). Aimed at Syrian refugee children it was produced in just three-and-a-half months, went on air in March and now broadcasts twice a week to an enthusiastic young audience. The 30-minute program shows the children a world that's far removed from war and destruction; it contains informative, child-oriented reports that focus on education and science, along with entertaining components.

Orient TV would like to further develop the program. "With more correspondents in the region it'll be easier to portray the world of the refugee children," says Tilman Rascher, head of DW Akademie's Middle East Division. Over the next three months DW Akademie will be training an additional eight Syrian citizen journalists in developing new formats and producing child-oriented reports. "We'd like to enable Orient TV to produce reports together with Syrian children," says Nasir Al-Jezairi, DW Akademie trainer and project manager. To date, "Yalla Nehna" has only adapted German children's TV reports.

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November 3, 2014

Facilitating Participatory Workshops


Facilitating Participatory Workshops

December 3 to 8, 2014; Six-day Residential
Deolali, District Nashik, Maharashtra

Register before November 20, 2014

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Sharing an announcement of our forthcoming workshop: Facilitating Participatory Workshops.

We look forward to participation from your organisation and/or partners.

The workshop will be more meaningful for participants who are engaged in designing and facilitating capacity building processes with groups & communities and those who lead training/learning teams. We are expecting participants from community-based organisations, NGOs, academic institutions, government departments and CSRs.

Please do visit our website for more information about the workshop and to download the flyer and registration form.

Looking forward to your response.

Regards and best wishes

Anju & Prabir

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practicing cultural expression and action
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AWARDS: UNICEF Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award for TV

Front Row is this year’s Winner of the prestigious UNICEF Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award for Television.

Its winning documentary, Ulilang Lubos (Orphaned) follows the daily life of 10-year-old Princess, who has had to take care of three younger siblings since their mother abandoned them. Princess washes produce at a wet market to earn money. She receives five to 20 pesos for this.

After working the entire morning, Princess then proceeds to her second job: scavenging. She has to do this every day to feed herself and her siblings. 

“I haven’t seen my mom since she left us three years ago,” Princess says. “We started scavenging to get some money and asking around for food. Sometimes we don’t have anything to eat and our stomachs hurt. We sleep on cardboard boxes on the floor. I envy my friends because they go to school but I don’t.” 

Front Row: Ulilang Lubos was praised by the jurors for reflecting the world in their own eyes. “It was very effective,” they said. “There are many heartbreaking moments in this film. The interviews were handled with sensitivity and the three children came across as everyday kids. Their interaction during bath and meal times was very naturalistic, as if the cameras weren’t there. This is a powerful story that really captured the plight of these children.”

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October 31, 2014

JOBS / OPPORTUNITIES: Call for Web Developer / Webmaster at European Youth Press

European Youth Press (EYP), network of young media makers, is seeking a motivated contractor as web developer and webmaster.

In order to apply, you should have working experience in a similar position and/or have a field of study that is relevant to the announced position.

Monthly contract volume is about 370€. Starting date as soon as possible. This is not an employment contract; only registered freelancers with a legal proof of this status are eligible to apply for this call. This is an online collaboration (not office-based).

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OPPORTUNITIES: Media Foundation Grants for Youth Disadvantage Open

A Foundation representing Australia’s media, marketing and advertising industry, UN LTD, is calling on charities dedicated to undoing youth disadvantage to submit proposals for funding support in 2015.

UN LTD (pronounced ‘unlimited’) says it channels funding and resources from the media, marketing and advertising sector to support organisations providing critical services to young people in need.

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