June 30, 2015

NEWS / REPORTS: Media trends in the Nordic countries

Nordicom's coverage of the media development in the Nordic countries, Europe and worldwide is reported under News and Further Reading and in two newsletters.

The newsletters Media Trends in the Nordic Countries and European Media Policy  are both scheduled to come out three times during 2015. The newsletters can be downloaded in PDF-format below.

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JOBS: EYP looking for Secretary General

European Youth Press (EYP), network of young media makers, is seeking a highly-motivated and experienced person for the position of Secretary General. This person will be employed on a full time basis (8h/day, 40/week) and paid a monthly gross salary according to the labor law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Social and health security as well as income tax deposits will be paid by EYP in Germany. Place of work will be place or residence of the employee.

Selected candidate's duties will be: 

  • Co-management, organisation and implementation of EYP projects, workshops, seminar, campaigns and other EYP-related activities.
  • Financial administration for the organistation, including bookkeeping, in accordance to laws and regulations of Federal Republic of Germany and EU.
  • Financial and administrative reporting to the grant giving foundations and institutions, in accordance with regulations of the foundations and institutions.
  • External representation of EYP at different events, organisations and institutions.
  • Identifying and writing grant and project proposals in communication with the board.
  • Regular, daily basis, communication with the board of EYP.
  • Daily office work – including office mail and email, communication with the board on daily issues.

More here: http://www.youthpress.org/news/european-youth-press-looking-for-a-secretary-general-2

June 25, 2015

ARTICLES: Evidence-based policymaking for provision of children’s rights online

LSE MSc student Alexandra Chernyavskaya reflects on the need for more evidence-based policymaking when considering children's rights on the internet.

An important issue highlighted by those who argue for better provision for children's rights online is that the internet is blind to the age of its users, which results in children being treated in the same manner as adult users. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child recognises both that children have some rights over and above those of adults, and that even when child and adult rights are the same, ensuring children enjoy their rights may take additional efforts. Consequently, more and more stakeholders are charged with implementing children's rights in the digital environment. This prompts another set of concerns: most of the efforts are concentrated around protection, and are rarely aimed at enhancing children's participation. In addition, there are cases when protection of children is used as an excuse for tighter censorship and online surveillance.

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June 23, 2015

NEWS / EVENTS: Manchester to host next World summit on media for children in 2017

The event takes place once in three years. 1500 delegates from around the world attend and see the latest goings on in media for children. The summit will take place in December 2017, with a theme 'The Universal Needs of Children'. It will look at empowerment, learning, entertainment, connection and protection through talks, masterclasses, workshop sessions and debates.

WSMCF president Dr Patricia Edgar said, "The members of the Foundation were unanimous in their agreement that Team Manchester's bid was exceptional and one with which WSMCF will be proud to be associated. "We are pleased to be working with one of the world's preeminent producers of media for children in the BBC and to see the emphasis on digital media, the inclusion of a creative children's program and the ambition to leave a genuine legacy following the Summit."

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June 17, 2015

NEWS / PROJECTS: Camera, action! Promoting expression through film (CAMBODIA)

KAMPOT, Cambodia, 16th June 2015: Someone is balanced atop a pillar, with their video camera poking out between palm branches. Another young person sprawls out on the floor, to get their lens as close as possible to the ground. A group of three deaf students discuss their next shot using Cambodian Sign Language (CSL). The Epic Arts Centre is a hive of creative activity today, as the students learn film making skills for the One Minutes Junior project.

One Minutes Junior is a creative five-day UNICEF workshop, where young people have the opportunity to express themselves by creating their own short film. Every student learns the basics of film making - from storyboarding their initial idea right through to editing the final film.

Today the participants are getting their first opportunity to practice using the video cameras. For many, this is something totally different. Saron, a 21-year-old student on Epic Arts' Inclusive Arts Course says, "This is a totally new experience for me, I've never held a video camera before!" Saron has a visual impairment which means she finds it difficult to focus on things that are not close by. Her team mates support her by adapting their practice to her abilities and by shading her eyes from the bright sunlight while she films. "The group helped me a lot. If I can't see clearly then we zoom in or focus the film on a single point."

Full article: http://unicefcambodia.blogspot.com/2015/06/camera-action-promoting-expression.html

June 13, 2015

NEWS / EVENTS: 2015 Liberia Children Media Day Climaxes on Saturday

The 2015 edition of the Liberia Children Media Day will climax on Saturday, June 13, with a formal event at the Monrovia YMCA.

The activity is a month of events whereby children are provided space with regular media to highlight issues affecting their wellbeing in society.

This year's event is held under the theme "Beyond Ebola, Preparing a safe and healthy future for us.

During the week of media activity, over sixty children were placed with various media institutions across the country where they have been engaged with training in news gathering, writing and dissemination.

During Saturday's ceremony, winners of the LCMD Essay competition on children's experience of the Ebola outbreak will be announced.

The 2015 LCMD has been organized by the Press Union of Liberia, UNICEF, UNMIL and the Liberia Broadcasting System.

Source: http://www.inprofiledaily.com/?q=article/2015-liberia-children-media-day-climaxes-saturday

June 11, 2015

NEWS: Prix Jeunesse Int. and WADADA News for Kids in Kosovo

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - A one-day event devoted to the youth of the city was organized by Prix Jeunesse International and WADADA News for Kids. The day was moderated by Jan-Willem Bult, head of Children, Youth & Media department of the Amsterdam based organization Free Press Unlimited. The event was inspired and coordinated by the young activist and English teacher from the Ibrahim Mazreku school, Veton Kastrati.
Divided in two sections the day started with "The Oscar's of Children's TV" where the participants had the chance to watch and vote for the best kids TV programs, all of which stood out by the latest Prix Jeunesse International festivals.
Prix Jeunesse International "suitcase", run by Prix Jeunesse Foundation are workshops directed to professionals working on children's TV programmes but screenings are also open to educators, researchers and students.

NEWS: The One Minutes Jr. featured at GIFF in the USA

From the start, festival organizers said they didn't just want to show great movies. They also wanted to use the event to shed light on social issues. The festival partnered with UNICEF and showed short films from the organization's OneMinutesJr. program, in which children from around the world are able to make mini-films about their lives and circumstances.

A panel on social impact films is scheduled for Sunday at 11 a.m. in the Cole Auditorium.
"This is the most prestigious event of the festival," festival COO Ginger Stickel said of the gala. "Both Harry Belafonte and Mia Farrow have been tremendous humanitarians and they have both used film to serve the greater good. They've used their star power for the betterment of society."
Stickel pledged the Changemaker Gala would be a part of the film festival next year and in future years, a promise Stapleton Reyes was quick to echo.

"This is part of the heart of what we're trying to do at the Greenwich International Film Festival," she said.

UNICEF executives Casey Rotter and Barron Segar said they were thrilled with how the partnership with the festival had gone.

"We always want to figure out a way to partner with the entertainment industry because there's so much they can offer by telling people's stories and amplifying the voice we have for kids through our work," said Rotter, director and founder of UNICEF's Next Generation initiative. "It's been wonderful and it's so exciting to be celebrating Harry Belafonte and Mia Farrow tonight, two of our most dedicated UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors."

Segar, senior vice president of development for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, said he returned from Zambia two weeks ago and saw first-hand how the OneMinutesJr. project was having an effect; how kids were using the film equipment given them to document the impact of climate change on their lives.

"It's great to be able to harness the power of film to better the lives of children," he said. "Tonight gives us a great audience to get our message out and to get people thinking about children."

June 6, 2015

OPPORTUNITIES / CALL FOR ENTRIES: Youth Climate Video Competition Launched - Win a Trip to COP21 in Paris

Youth Video Competition for Paris 2015 Launched on UN World Environment Day

Bonn, 5 June 2015  Starting today, young people around the globe are invited to share what they are doing to combat climate change in the Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change.

Two winners will get a trip to the UN Climate Change Conference in the French capital in December (COP21), where they will join the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) communications team as videographers and reporters. The competition is open to young people between the ages of 18 and 30 and videos must be submitted by 17 August 2015.

You can watch the video of the launch event of the Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change.

Nick Nuttall, Spokesperson and UNFCCC Head of Communications and Outreach said, "All eyes are now on Paris as the world looks forward to a new, universal climate change agreement—one able to put humanity and the planet on a path to a safer, healthier and more secure future."

"There is climate action happening everywhere. We are calling on the youth of the world to film how they are contributing to this massive momentum for change. This offers an opportunity for them to share their climate action story and then tell the story of COP21" he added.

Youth are invited to submit videos on engaging in climate action, key outcomes of their action, their success in meeting the climate change challenge locally and ways in which other youth across the world can get involved.

This video competition is made possible through a partnership between the UNFCCC, the UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme and Television for the Environment- tve.

"Many young people around the world are very aware of the problems surrounding climate change. This competition gives them a voice to share their ideas and their actions with a global audience. Showcasing these films on the internet will inspire other young people who may not always engage with the mainstream news and media about the important issues leading up to the climate change talks in Paris", said Nick Turner, project manager at Television for the Environment- tve.

Angelica Shamerina, Program Advisor, Climate Change, UNDP/GEF Small Grants Program, said: "We are looking forward to seeing young people's innovation, the climate change solutions they are trying in their communities. We work in over 130 countries and prioritize youth involvement and what we see is that youth is actively working at local level to resolve environmental issues and improve their lives."

Also participating in the launch event in Bonn, Chris Wright, Project Manager Adopt a Negotiator, Interim YOUNGO focal point, said: "Young people are facing the impacts of climate change head on, but I hope this will be a great opportunity to highlight the amazing work we are doing around the world to combat it. We stand on the frontlines of the fight against fossil fuels and the campaigns to transition our communities to a sustainable future. I hope this competition will give young people around the world the chance to show it."

Visit this page to learn more about the competition or to submit a video.

On Twitter the hashtag for the competition is #Video4COP21.

Source: http://newsroom.unfccc.int/unfccc-newsroom/youth-video-competition-for-paris-2015-launched-on-un-world-environment-day/

May 28, 2015

PUBLICATIONS: Child-Computer Interaction by Juan Pablo Hourcade

This is the first comprehensive book on child-computer interaction, covering basic concepts as well as the latest research.

The book is ideal for graduate students entering the field, as well as for practitioners and researchers coming from other fields who want to quickly catch up with child-computer interaction research. It can also be a useful book for teaching courses on child-computer interaction.

The book is also a bit of an experiment in that it is self-published and freely available. The goal is to enable more people to access it. The hope is that this arrangement will also make it easier to make frequent updates to the book, making new versions available online.

You can download an Adobe Acrobat version of the book for free from this website. The book will soon also be available in print and Kindle format at amazon.com. The content is exactly the same.